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Join Us This Sunday at 11:00 AM For The Last Message in the Series “Five Smooth Stones”

We’ve been journeying through the well-known story of David and Goliath, which I hope has been encouraging to you.? The challenger was a nine foot tall giant named Goliath, who looked to be the favorite in the battle. God then chose David, a simple shepherd boy, to fight against Goliath. This battle required a focus solely on his God… And finally, this Sunday, we get to celebrate victory. Will we see you at 11?

5 Smooth Stones – Sermon Series

It’s a story about an unlikely hero named David, defeating a mighty giant and enemy named Goliath. But there is so much more to be learned from this story than a simple statement, “God is bigger than my giants.” While this is no doubt true, join us Sundays in November as we unpack the whole story to see what we can learn.